Price list of Divine Tantra

The duration of the massage means nett time of massaging. When you plan the massage, please, add to this time about 30 more minutes (shower, tea, talk).

Please notice, that the payment is requested before the beginning of the massage.

Thanks for your understanding.

Basic massages

Divine Tantra massage120 min3 600 CZK
Intuitive Tantra massage90 min2 500 CZK
Intuitive Tantra massage120 min3 200 CZK
Intuitive Tantra massage150 min3 900 CZK
Sensual massage with fragrant oil120 min3 400 CZK
Tantra drop90 min2 200 CZK
Tantra spring90 min2 500 CZK
Tantra river120 min3 200 CZK
Tantra sea180 min4 600 CZK
Tantra sensual ocean240 min6 500 CZK
Tantra healing touch90 min2 000 CZK
Hawaii massage Lomi Lomi120 min2 500 CZK

Massages for couples (two masseuses)

Tantra spring90 min4 200 CZK
Tantra river120 min5 400 CZK
Tantra sea180 min7 800 CZK
Tantra sensual ocean240 min10 900 CZK

Fourhanded massages (two masseuses)

Tantra spring90 min4 500 CZK
Tantra river120 min5 700 CZK
Tantra sea180 min8 300 CZK
Tantra sensual ocean240 min11 500 CZK

Healing massages and Tao massages

Back to bliss - lingam healing120 min2 300 CZK
Back to bliss - yoni healing120 min2 300 CZK
Vaginal mapping120 min2 000 CZK
Health elixir for men60 min1 700 CZK
Tao massage - Awakening the dragon90 min2 500 CZK
Tao massage - Awakening the pearl90 min2 500 CZK

Sexological bodywork

Sexological bodywork individual session2 hours2 000 CZK
Sexological bodywork session for couples2 hours3 000 CZK

Tantra sessions

Tantra sessions for couples150 min2 300 CZK
Tantra sessions individual150 min2 000 CZK

Tantra Massage training

Tantra Massage - training for couples3 × 4 hours840 €
Tantra Massage - individual training *3 × 3 hours630 €
* this price is valid in case you bring a model with you, othervise add 70 € more. 

Individual teaching

How to become a great lover *8 hours560 €
How to become a better lover **5 hours350 €
Master your ejaculation8 hours560 €
* this price is valid in case you bring a model with you, othervise add: *50 € more or **25 € more. 

Lessons for professionals

lessons with certificatedurationprice
Tantra Massage20 hours1 200 €
Vaginal mapping9 hours660 €